1st Year

1st Year

A massive thank you to all our wonderful customers who have made Cowes Town Central into such a great success.

We opened November 2018 with these beautiful and amazing stores.

  • Freshwater Bay Pearls
  • Shanghai in Love Scarves
  • That 60’s Place Music and Movie Merch
  • Post Office

They proved popular and before long we had wonderful customers buying lots of lovely things each day. Those customers brought in their friends to see the amazing store and within a week we had become the place to visit , shop and bump into friends at the Post Office . We even have our own Terracotta General and Horse watching the 18th Century Street running through the building.

 Fast Forward today !

  • Freshwater Bay Pearls has moved to a better area
  • Shanghai in Love Scaves has grown into a bigger range.
  • That 60’s Place merch expanded in size and range 
  • The Post Office became a centre point for the community.
  • The Umbrella Shop arrived , with the biggest range of umbrellas on the Island.
  • Cowes very own sock shop “Socks of Cowes” has been hugely popular .With a epic range of every type of sock imaginable.
  • Vital Spark joined us bringing magical dragons and fairy’s to Cowes. As well as incense , candles and other treasures.
  • Aquazen our newest shop , packed with ranges from Naturally European, Mr Perfect , Agnes and Cat , Bath Bomb Cosmetics. All designed to give you a perfect zen bath time experience.

 All of this in our first year of trade. Let’s hop into a handy Delorean and hit 88mph  . ( Not on a main road as that’s illegal!).

Well we have a lot more planned. With work currently under way to expand the size of the store by double. This means we can add more shops , improve the layout and generally increase the overall awesomeness of Cowes Town Central. 

I wont give too much away ....yet....but we have some great ideas to give the CTC even more wow factor .