DC Batman Arkham Asylum Box Set

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10th Anniversary Collection PLUS Magazine

Each polyresin statue will present a character from the game at 1:16 scale (11-13cm tall) and comes with a magazine profiling the character, and chronicling their time in the Arkhamverse. 

Value pack saving over the individual set prices of 19.99 each


Trapped inside the madhouse, the Dark Knight faced his deadliest foes. With a relentless force of will he fought to deliver order from chaos.

The Joker.
The end product of a singularly bad day, the self-declared Clown Prince of Crime turned murder and mayhem into perfomance art.

Harley Quinn.
Both victim and vixen, Harley Quinn was entranced by the Joker’s lunatic performance. Donning a clown costume of her own, she joined his crooked circus.