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EMOTIF Aromatherapy Stones

An experience for the senses, our Sleep Stones harness the power of nature to give you the sweetest of dreams; volcanic rock from Mount Etna is responsibly collected & infused for many days in the very best organic oils of lavender & chamomile, both so well-known for their therapeutic and healing qualities. 

EMOTIF Fine Fragrance

This stylish & sophisticated collection of bespoke home fragrances has won universal acclaim. A range of divinely fragranced objects d’art in an exquisite choice of specially blended fragrances. A triumph of pared-down elegance, the emotif collection will be a welcome addition to your life.


Stinky feet? Whiffy trainers? Smelly sock drawer? Gruesome gym bag? Stinky feet are the answer! The best little gift that money can buy, stylish handmade plaster of Paris trainers that can be placed anywhere that's whiffy to neutralise bad odours and revitalise your footwear in minutes! 

45 products

45 products