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      Friendly Soap founders Rob and Geoff grew up in Hebden Bridge, in West Yorkshire, back in the 1970s. A hotbed of alternative, hippy and punk culture back then, the town sparked and shaped what’s become their lifelong interest in radical political thought and social and environmental justice.

      Rallying against the capitalist model and looking for fairer ways of doing things came naturally to Rob and Geoff.  On top of that, their stunning Pennine surroundings gave them an instinctive connection to nature.  Hardly surprising then that, like many Hebden residents, the two friends found work at the now legendary Suma Wholefoods Co-operative.


      Right from day one we made it our mission to do something simple: create high-quality products that tick as many ethical boxes as possible. We didn’t just want to make soaps that are cruelty-free or use less packaging: we wanted true all-rounders that leave customers feeling as conscientious as they feel clean. If we’re really honest, the process has been a lot harder to perfect than we first expected. To reach where we are now though, it’s been well worth the effort.

      Our ranges contain no animal products or by-products and have never been tested on animals, which means we’ve really earned our registration with Cruelty free International and The Vegan Society. Our ancient cold-process method means our soap is totally biodegradable and free from by-products too, so there’s literally no waste.


      Ethical credentials are great, but you’re probably wondering whether our products actually work? We certainly would. Well, you can relax, because these are feel-good products in every sense.

      Our soaps are lovely bits of natural luxury. They’re packed with cleansing goodness, smell divine and can help with many things from wrestling those wrinkles to fighting off bugs (yes, even the creepy crawly types as well as coughs and colds).

      Beautifully gentle, they make a rich, creamy lather you wouldn’t believe, and they won’t dry your skin because they’re full of naturally-occurring glycerine. We also use plant-based oils like coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter and cocoa butter too, so each different soap has its own magical ability to nourish and restore your skin.



      27 products

      27 products