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Green Angel is an exclusive range of seaweed and essential oil-based skincare, spa and haircare products, made in Ireland, that will leave you looking and feeling great from top to toe. The natural brand owes its roots to two ancient practices – Thalassotherapy (seaweed therapy) and aromatherapy.

All Green Angel products contain a powerful blend of four organically hand-harvested Irish seaweed extracts from the nutrient rich Atlantic Oceans on Ireland’s West coast.

Seaweed is at the core of the Green Angel range as it’s full of vitamins, minerals, iodine, trace elements and iron, and is super effective in aiding to stimulate the renewal of damaged skin cells, helping to detox and improve the suppleness of the skin. Seaweed can be absorbed very easily and effectively.

Green Angel has long known that our skin is a remarkable and sensitive organ that has the ability to repair itself if given the right conditions. Green Angel uses Pure & Organic natural resources to help the body cultivate the best conditions to help maintain and in some cases repair itself.

38 products

38 products