The Beatles


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      In 1962/1963 and in the nicest possible way, all hell broke loose when four young long-haired Liverpudlians took the UK and the world by storm. The Beatles began as any other pop group, yet they seemed to have a certain something about them which captured the public's attention in a way no other youth idols had previously quite managed, at least not to such a great extent. There was so much talent around in the 60s, and pop music evolved into a golden legacy, rather than a passing and throwaway fad. Stadiums all over the world were filled with screaming girls, hysterical over the mop-top heroes, and other bands such as The Rolling Stones followed sometimes in their footsteps, and sometimes side by side. There were many extremely good pop performers to emerge from both Britain and America but at the time The Beatles ruled the roost.

      84 products

      84 products