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The place we tell our story and publish lifestyle hints. We have such an exciting range that our shop and web site are like an Aladdins Cave of Treasure, things in every nook and cranny. The Fantastical, the Magical and the Practical to self indulge or smother others with gifts of love.

Our blogs and stories may enhance the digital world and help envision our in-store experience with the Cave of Dragons and Harry Potter Cupboard Under The Stairs. Visitors try to avoid extermination by a lifesize Dalek and Cyberman intent on upgrading citizens of earth, or get lost in a biggeron the inside Tardis.  Feel the sheer pleasure of self indulgence in Aqua Zen our Destress, Detox and Relax zone. Around another corner super heroes and musical icons of the 60's abound to take a trip back in time to the centre of the musiverse. What if The Beatles were the centre of planet earth music?


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