Welcome to the CTC: Cowes Town Central

Cowes Town Central (CTC) Shopping Arcade brings the:

  • Post Office back to the High St in Cowes and introduces our directly sourced  brands of ShanghaInLove scarves of distinction and  Freshwater Bay Pearls fine selection of freshwater pearls direct from designer to you.

  • Star Wars Spaceport and Dinosaur Island are our new additions for 2022.
  • Harry Potter's 'Cupboard under the stairs ' is centre of wizardry

  • S.O.C Socks of Cowes  - world class ranges of socks  of every description. Explore the biggest range of umbrellas at That Umbrella Shop and marvel at the design features and functional wonders.

  • Not to forget That 60's Place Movie and Music Gear for self and home- 1960's music icons, movie and TV fro1960 to 2020

  • Shop for your  collections at the newly added Vital Spark - Fantasy- Anne Stokes - Lisa Parker - Incense and Burners, Dreamcatchers.

  • For pampering and the spa at home, visit AquaZen bath and bodycare and explore the natural products, organics and sumptuous bath bombs, fizzers and creamers.

  • Finally as you escape a shopping world of wonder, discover The Gin Joint and an eclectic range of over 400 gins, moonshines, vodkas and rums.or browse Tastes of Britain for special food treats.

Visit and enjoy meandering through our 18th century replica English shopping street, paved laneways lighted with Victorian era street lamps beneath a starry sky.

Maybe save a trip to China and come see our lifesize collection of genuine Terracotta Warrior replicas from the ancient silk road city of Xian, China is the starting thread of our story from the path trod by Marco Polo and  ancient traders bringing the silks, the pearls, the exquisite and the extraordinary to Europe. Pick up your own figurine when you visit our mini tribute to Xian's wonder of the ancient world in Cowes on the Isle of Wight.


CTC the new place to be in Cowes at 103-104 High St.