Briddlesford Dairy Whole Milk 1 litre

Briddlesford Dairy Whole Milk 1 litre

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Our award winning Briddlesford Whole Milk is our most popular product. Simply drink on its own or enjoy as a milkshake. The higher cream content makes it excellent for cooking and baking as well as a fantastic compliment to everyday coffee and cereals.

Revered by barista champions and coffee aficionados, our Guernsey milk transforms lattes, mochas, cappuccinos and macchiatos with a beautifully rich flavour and silky texture.

Our Whole Milk is non-homogenised so the cream will rise to the top (like many will remember from their childhood). So either give it a good shake to disperse the cream or alternatively, scoop out the cream for an indulgent extra on top of your breakfast cereal or morning coffee.