Calming Joints 1 Essential Oil Blend 10ml

Calming Joints 1 Essential Oil Blend 10ml

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Calming Joints 1 blend contains Lavender oil which is used for many purposes but one of its most important is in relation to muscular pain whatever the cause. It is said to reduce pain locally as well as reducing inflammation and is best when mixed with other oils for this purpose. Peppermint is added to this blend of oil, which can also help to kill pain but whereas Lavender is more of a sedative the Peppermint is a stimulant. This combination is frequently found in many commercial pain killing preparations. Eucalyptus has warming properties and can assist in relieving pain in muscular joints. The essential oils are not diluted and therefore must be diluted before use. Try using the blend in a burner, diluted in a bath or oil, apply it to a warm flannel or cold compress or inhale on a handkerchief or steam inhalation.

A range of essential oil blends made using pure natural aromatherapy oils. Each blend is designed to treat a specific condition or mood. The blends are undiluted and come in a 10ml bottle.

The blends are easy to relate to as they are ready made and therefore instantly suitable for a range of different problems and applications. The blends can be used diluted on the skin, in a bath or compress or through inhalation in a burner, handkerchief or steam