Peaky Blinders (Sadler's) Bourbon 700ml

Peaky Blinders (Sadler's) Bourbon 700ml

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Inspired by the exploits of Tommy Shelby.


America is home to an array of distinctive hats, including baseball caps, Stetsons and even whoopee caps.

Why are we talking about American headwear? Because the Peaky Blinder range now features a bourbon whiskey, of course! The connection is pretty clear, what with the name coming from a gang who apparently modified their hats to be used as weapons and bourbon being... Well, American.

Anyway, this is a rather tasty and good value-for-money bourbon produced in Indiana for the Peaky Blinder range, which should do well for a variety of classic cocktails.

Tasting Note:

Nose: Honey and buttered corn, with underlying stone fruit hints.

Palate: Peach, vanilla and a hint of barrel char. Peppery heat builds alongside candied peels.

Finish: Brown sugar and gingerbread.