DC Batman Forever Batmobile

DC Batman Forever Batmobile

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This Batman Forever (1995) Batmobile brought a lighter tone to the Caped Crusader¡¯s adventures, including a new, more theatrical Batmobile design ¨C complete with bat-wing spoilers! This model features an impressive art backdrop of Gotham under attack.

This Batmobile featured bulletproof armor, a powerful jet engine, and a grapnel system that even allowed it to ride up the walls of Gotham's buildings - though all its technology couldn't stop Dick Grayson from taking it on a joyride. Its ribbed, biomechanical design was inspired by the works of H. R. Giger, and cast from fiberglass laminate.

This Batmobile 1995 Movie Model brings the Dark Knight¡¯s trusty steed to life in immaculate detail, hand-painted at 1:43 scale! This die-cast model is now in a newly designed, special box that you can proudly display at home or in the office.