Sacred Love Lamp 30cm Lisa Parker

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Sacred Love Lamp (LP) 30cm

  • From the magical artwork of Lisa Parker.
  • The artwork is enhanced when the lamp is lit.
  • Made from sturdy, high quality polyester and fitted with a Standard UK plug.
  • Bulb not included.

Exclusive to Nemesis Now, this magical lamp comes from the fantastic imagination of world-renowned Fantasy and wildlife artist Lisa Parker.

Two white Unicorns gaze into each other?????s eyes ????? a mare and her foal. As they touch noses, the pints of their horns light up. Behind them, a magical forest can be indistinctly made out in the night, moonbeams shining through the trees.

Lending an air of enchantment, serenity and wonder to any room, the artwork is only enhanced when the lamp is lit, bringing Lisa Parker?????s already amazing artwork to life.