Valour Embossed Shoulder Bag by Anne Stokes 25cm

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This enchanting shoulder bag comes from the wild and untamed imagination of market-leading Gothic and Fantasy artist Anne Stokes

  • Featuring her Valour artwork.
  • Spacious and stylish.
  • Comfortable adjustable strap.

Standing in front of an ornate red stained glass window, a warrior queen stands commandingly. Dressed in elaborate armour she has a mythical Dragon companion draped over her shoulder, wings spread wide behind her.

Steadying the Dragon with her right hand, she grasps a sword in her left, asserting her dominance.

This shoulder bag has a smaller hidden pocket in addition to the main pocket for greater ease and flexibility of storage, as well as an adjustable strap, making it perfect for travelling through the realm with a trusted companion.

Also available: Purse, Figurine and Umbrella with the new Valour design