Warriors of Winter Lamp 30cm by Lisa Parker

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Warriors of Winter Lamp (LP) 30cm

  • From the magical artwork of Lisa Parker.
  • The artwork is enhanced when the lamp is lit.
  • Made from sturdy, high quality polyester and fitted with a Standard UK plug.
  • Bulb not included.

Exclusively to Nemesis Now?? this lamp comes from the untameable imagination of world-renowned Fantasy artist Lisa Parker. Two white wolves stand in a frozen landscape in front of a pool. One stands alert and vigilant, the other steps into the pool to drink from it but still looks straight ahead.

The bulb sits behind a high-quality printed screen of the design, ensuring that the light matches the mood of a far northern moonlit night.

With Lisa Parker?????s gift for bringing wilderness and wild animals to life through art, this lamp is sure to bring the untamed wildness of the far north to any home