Wish Upon A Star Lamp 30cm - Lisa Parker

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Wish Upon A Star Lamp (LP) 30cm

  • From the magical artwork of Lisa Parker.
  • The artwork is enhanced when the lamp is lit.
  • Made from sturdy, high quality polyester and fitted with a Standard UK plug.
  • Bulb not included.

From internationally renowned Fantasy artist Lisa Parker comes this enchanting lamp, available exclusively through Nemesis Now.

Three cats sit side-by-side on a wall, their backs turned to you as they stare up at the night sky. A single shooting star courses across the firmament, while the leftmost cat turns to look at you, as if inviting you to make a wish with them. The light fixture sits within a screen printed with the design, ensuring that every time you switch the lamp on it?????s as if the stars are lighting up.

With Lisa Parker?????s gift for bringing animals to life through her inspiring artwork, this lamp is perfect for those who want a reminder that magic is possible in their own home